Plain language as access

8 more days!

Hey friends!

Since it is a huge privilege to have a book coming out, I thought about how I can maximize this opportunity to can reach as many people as possible. I’m mindful that books can be a barrier in cost, format, and language. Several months ago I commissioned a plain language version of DISABILITY VISIBILITY by disabled writer and journalist Sara Luterman. This plain language version will be available on my website for free on June 30, 2020. Here’s Sara on writing this document:

“I'm excited about this project because no one has done something like this before. Accessible nonprofit tool kits and guides are becoming more common, but the disability community still struggles with cognitive accessibility. Writing the plain language edition of Disability Visibility is not only interesting, but also important -- More people will be able to read and enjoy Alice's book, and by extension, feel included. I am honored and proud to do this work.”

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[Image description: A white, butch person with brown hair and glasses smiles for the camera. There are trees and parked cars behind her.]

Sara Luterman is a freelance writer and editor, with a focus on disability politics, policy, and culture. She writes plain language guides on complex topics, to help make those topics more accessible to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Topics have ranged from voting to the US federal budget process and more. You can find her journalism work in The Nation, Vox, and Washington Post, among other outlets.

Twitter: @slooterman